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Refillable Ink Jet Cartridges

Why do this?

If you have come to this page, then you are keenly aware that printer manufacturers are making their biggest profits off of the ink cartridges they sell you. You might only spend $30 to $100 to buy your printer, but you will spend hundreds over its lifetime for new cartridges. Over the years, there has even been a trend among printer manufacturers to reduce the amount of ink in new cartridges. Why do you think they design them so you cannot see inside, or make them so that you can only use them once?

Calculating your savings is pretty simple to do. On average, you will get about 7 refills per cartridge by buying a Stratitec ink kit and refillable cartridge set. Take the cost of buying a new off-the-shelf cartridge set for your printer, multiply it by 7, and then subtract the cost of our product. Even this savings estimate might be conservative given the fact that we really have no idea how much ink comes in a factory cartridge.

Okay, I think I want to try this, what next?

  1. Figure out what printer model you have.
  2. If you already know what you need, you can go straight to it from menu on the left. If you are not sure what product you need, go to our Lookup Tool.
  3. From the lookup tool, select your printer manufacturer, select your printer model, and then click to view the refillable cartridge product you need.
  4. For a demonstration on how the process works, watch the video below.

What if my printer isn't listed?

As a general rule, refillable cartridges are available for most modern ink jet printers made by Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP. We realize there are still many of you out there still using the old drill and fill method with older cartridges made by manufacturers like Kodak, Lexmark, etc. Although DatatekUSA/Stratitec, Inc. no longer supports the old drill and fill method of cartridge refilling, there are many online resources where you can get instructions on how to re-fill older cartridges. As always, the Stratitec brand ink kits we sell are still the same premium, universal, made in the USA products that they have always been, and our ink products will continue to work with your older cartridges. For all of you that have been using Stratitec ink for years, we thank you for your continued patronage!

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